Stephen Lee Scott

Kim is a fantastic teacher, she helped me overcome my anxiety of driving with her knowledge and with free internet courses that give you a way of relaxing and feeling calm. she has many videos on her website that helps with driving that are worth watching. she goes above and beyond as an instructor and truly makes you feel at ease during learning. I was hopeless at first and would self sabotage my confidence, but kim would help me with this also by telling me i could do it and she would not give up on me she would always put a smile on my face when im having a rough lesson to lift my spirits with quirky sayings and such and always had time for questions at the end of a lesson. i always walked away from lessons feeling i learnt something new and felt it was tailored to my needs at that time. we battled on for just over a year throughout covid when the government allowed, to get me to a very good standard of driving and pass standard i was overcome with emotion when i finally passed knowing all the hours kim and myself had put in had finally paid off. she truly is a one in a million to me anyways. if your are looking for a new instructor or just starting out you will find no one better than Kim to help you pass. thank you so much kim (i miss our little drives together haha)