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Customer Reviews

Megan Johnston
2 years ago

I would 100% recommend Kim as a driving instructor, she is totally invested in making you the best driver you can be. Her knowledge is amazing and you can tell she goes further than most other instructors. I felt fully prepared for my test and also for future driving. Thanks Kim!

Helen Dawson
2 years ago

Ah Kim can't believe our marriage is over ! Am still in shock that I have passed this on first attempt and in time for the summer holidays. Thank you for sticking with me and appreciate you getting me through this so much. Will be recommending you to lots of people including Joel in 11 years. Thanks again and any advice you need about boats give me a shout xx

Cordelia Moor
2 years ago

Kim was a very good driving instructor, she was good at explaining and making sure I understood everything. She was also very patient and always happy to go through anything I was struggling with. As extra help she provided me with information sheets about various different aspects of driving which helped my understanding a lot. Thanks to Kim I passed my test first time and would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in learning.

Lucy Zimuto
2 years ago

I honestly wouldn't recommend anyone else. Kim is an amazing instructor and encouraged me when I thought I couldn't do it. She has taught me more than just driving to pass but driving to be a safe driver and I'm grateful for her patience! I couldn't rate her more.

hannah denholm
Hannah Denholm
2 years ago

I could not have passed without Kim, she is a fantastic driving instructor! She never doubted me even when I doubted myself. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends.

joel miller
Joel Miller
2 years ago

Thank you so much Kim! First time pass!! Great instructor definitely recommend!

john riley
John Riley
2 years ago

Kim is a great driving instructor and I happily told my friends about her, excellent lessons based around your own needs and a fun time! Thanks for helping me pass!!

simeon conway
Simeon Conway
2 years ago

Thanks to Kim’s coaching and patience i passed my test first time with only 4 minors, i would recommend Kim to anybody looking to learn how to drive. Kim not only taught me how to pass my test but also how to be a good and safe driver in the future.

charlie miller
Charlie Miller
2 years ago

In places where other driving instructors would have panicked or got annoyed, Kim dealt with my early, terrible, driving in a calm and patient manner. Thanks to Kim’s coaching i passed with few minors and I’m confident on the roads. I found it important that Kim doesn’t just teach you to pass a test, but to be a good driver. Thanks!

sheila newton
Sheila Newton
2 years ago

Thank you so much Kim for helping me pass my test. Thanks also for all your patience, support and encouragement, you really helped me to feel at ease and built my confidence greatly. Will recommend you to everyone as a fantastic coach and instructor!

seana moore
Seana Moore
2 years ago

I would like to say a massive thank you to Kim for everything. I passed 22nd Feb, I really couldn’t have done it without her. The way she taught me was easy to understand. She made me laugh and was so easy to talk to. Her explanation on how the clutch works was the best :). U aren’t just taught the stuff to get u through the test, its about being a safe, quality driver whats really important because your on your own when u pass. I would recommend Kim to any1.

danny robson
Danny Robson
2 years ago

Thank you very much Kim could not of passed without you! I would recommend to all…I will get in touch to let you know when my sister is wanting to book lessons. Thanks again Danny.

rachel mills
Rachel Mills
2 years ago

Thanks Kim for helping me pass first time and for the high fives when I know you would’ve taken more pleasure in slapping me 😛 You always stayed calm when I was being docile and making stupid mistakes and concentrated on making me a good driver rather than just getting me to pass my test. Remember my dedication in your book…. ‘Apart from that…” xxx

barrie buchanan
Barrie Buchanan
2 years ago

I would recommend Kim to anyone she put up with me swearing, trying to go into reverse going down a dual carriageway and my habit of stopping breathing when I got nervous all with a smile on her face. Her lesson planning is second to none and is the reason I passed my test first time with only 2 minors as she had me so well prepared. Thanks Kim you are a star.

peter stoten
Peter Stoten
2 years ago

Just a few lines to say a very big thank you to Kim. With today’s bad weather and heavy rain – I passed. Even the head examiner at South Shields Test Centre thought I was excellent. This is because I learned with the very best and that’s what Kim is “ The Best”. Thank you Kim and I will keep in touch with you.

shona davidson
Shona Davidson
2 years ago

Would like to say thank you so much to Kim for the patience and confidence it took in teaching me to drive allowing me to pass with only 2 minors, Kim really helped me to persevere since having bad experiences with other driving schools She is lovely and a down to earth lady who always has a smile on her face and a great sense of humour, putting you at ease in every lesson. I found the help sheets, puzzles and coaching to be very beneficial and would definitely recommend Kim to other learners, she is a fantastic instructor!

leila raffiee
Leila Raffiee
2 years ago

Big thanks to Kim for helping me pass first time! Thanks for your patience and sticking with me even after I moved beyond the geordie borders! Kim tries all sorts of different ways to help you remember important things, is really flexible with lessons and knows the roads better than any taxi driver in the north east! highly recommended!

peter mills
Peter Mills
2 years ago

Kim Gibson is wonderful driving teacher. Her focus is not only on you passing your test but on making sure you gain the habits and knowledge to drive safely at any time. She went above and beyond for me because my test fell at a very unfortunate time but she still made sure I had the lessons I needed to be ready for my test. Her level of dedication to her students is something you’ll rarely find. I would readily recommend Kim to any of my friends and family learning to drive. Thanks for all the nagging Kim! All the best for the future.

alex everett
Alex Everett
2 years ago

I would like to thank Kim Gibson for helping pass my test the first time. I never had confidence in myself but she helped me right the way through these last few months and wouldn’t have passed without her.

louise shaw
Louise Shaw
2 years ago

Just passed first time; Kim is a fantastic driving instructor, professional and friendly. I really enjoyed the whole process of learning to drive with Kim. Everything is very well explained from well-drawn diagrams to online links to help you with both your theory and practical tests. I would definitely recommend her to everyone looking to learn to drive. Many Thanks Kim.

sam norris
Sam Norris
2 years ago

“I passed my driving test first time yesterday after having a lot of lessons with previous instructors and got nowhere, so I give kim a call and i must say she is definitely the best and would highly recommend Kim, she explained everything clearly and not only is she a fantastic instructor, Kim is such a lovely lady to and easy to get along with 🙂 Thanks for everything Kim

caitlin purvis
Caitlin Purvis
2 years ago

Thank you for all your patience haha =) and teaching me so well that i passed with 3 minors. Thanks for everything and i will defo be recommending you to anyone who needs to learn.

2 years ago

A massive thank you to Kim! She’s got the patience of a saint, wicked sense of humour and always has a smile on her face no matter how awful your lesson is. She always finds the positive to give you confidence and determination to pull through and persevere. I passed today on my first attempt! Thanks Kim! 😀 Highly recommended!

lois wilkinson
Lois Wilkinson
2 years ago

I would like to say a very big thank you to Kim for all her time, effort and patience in helping me pass my driving test. I was always encouraged to challenge myself which helped improve my confidence. I’d recommend Kim, she is thorough, friendly and has a great sense of humour. All of these qualities puts people at ease even in stressful situations. Kim is always there to help break down the situation and go through what went wrong and how to improve it. Many thanks once again Kim 🙂

kirsty scott
Kirsty Scott
2 years ago

A massive thank you to Kim for getting me through my test 🙂 that song will forever be in my head! Great instructor.

Kyle Dunnett
1 year ago

Kim was recommended to me by a friend and could not be happier. Kim was not only my instructor but a friend. She has the patience of a saint and with her help I passed my driving test 1st time with 6 minors. I would highly recommend her and am so thankful to her for what I achieved in such a short space of time. I didn’t get shown just how to pass a test, I was taught life long driving skills and for that I am truly thankful.

kerry scott
Kerry Scott
2 years ago

Kim!…. We’re do I start? just want to say threw helping me pass my test (first time!!!!) your days will be so boring and dull from now on and deep down your’e already missing me, the bad language and abuse, but hopefully someone is ready to take my place haha… I would recommend you to every1 cause like every1 else says, you have the patients of a bloody saint! Not once did a ever feel like giving up, even tho you probably did on some occasions 😉 thanks so much for everything and you have the daughter to learn in 9 months time :)) xx

victoria clayton
Victoria Clayton
2 years ago

Thank you so much for being a wonderful instructor and for being patient with me during stressful times. Great instructor, would recommend to all! Thanks again.

anna mather
Anna Mather
2 years ago

Would like to give a MASSIVE thank you to Kim for helping me pass my driving test first time this afternoon! couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! Thanks for putting up with me even when I was a bit of a pain, would recommend to anyone!
Thanks so much Kim! xxx

anila sadiq
Anila Sadiq
2 years ago

“I have been taking lessons before with other people but some of them told me that I can’t drive. I lost so much money but Kim was one of the best ones. She really wanted me to pass and prove all of them wrong. if I will tell anyone about driving school it will be only Kim. Because she is very experienced and incredible instructor.

alexandra ryder
Alexandra Ryder
1 year ago

After different instructors and three failed tests, I believed I would never pass. Kim was my saviour. She completely transformed my driving and gave me the tuition to finally pass my test 4th time with only two minors. I think its fair to say I am not a natural behind the wheel, and I don't know whether I would have ever got there without Kim. If you're looking for an instructor who will prepare you in a way that suits you and has BAGS of knowledge, then I wouldn't look any further than Kim. Thank you so much!!

Angela Storey
1 year ago

My Thursdays wont be the same, what a fantastic instructor kim is not only did she reassure me that one day I would pass my test she also listened to all my anxieties concerning driving she gave me a few tips i.e the tapping technique and advised me to read the book 'The Secret '. Kim went above and beyond following up to my test, coming out early working late to fit round my schedule. I am so pleased she was recommend to me. and as Bob Marley told me the morning we were driving to the test centre Don't worry about a thing. cheers Kim your voice will remain in my head forever lol xx BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE X

Kelvin Dzapasi
1 year ago

Hands down one of the best instructors out there! She’s patient and very supportive on lessons and always there to help.

Perry Jones
Perry Jones
5 months ago

EXCELLENT!!! I am an experienced driver from the States. Kim recognised and helped me change some bad habits I had developed over the years. Her insight was spot on and I was able to pass my test confidently. She is kind yet tough which will best prepare anyone for their theory and practical tests. If you want to learn to drive well and pass the test Thumbs Up is the place to go!

Alannah Richardson
Alannah Richardson
4 months ago

Was really excited to do my lesson all day at work on tuesday, first time driving though south shields and through the tyne tunnel, so happy with lessons I've been recieveing over impressed with Kim, best driving instructor ever.

Brisilda Preci
Brisilda Preci
4 months ago

Would like to say a big thank you to Kim! For being such an amazing instructor. I passed first time all thanks to her. I would 100% recommend.

Leanne Denyer
Leanne Denyer
3 months ago

I would like to Thank Kim for being the most Amazing Driving Insructor and person I have ever met. Kim goes above and beyond what you would expect from a driving Instructor giving you everything you need and then some. We have been on a journey one I didnt think possible but with Kim's help I have passed my test. Best Driving instructor out there I would Highly recommend.